In 2005, Bristol City Council approved a masterplan for mixed use development of the area known as Hengrove Park.  This wasn't implemented and eventually became superseded by Phase 1 (2008), which includes the Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Skills Academy, South Bristol Community Hospital, development plots and associated infrastructure.

The Council also announced its intention to have Phase 2 development involving a much larger number of dwellings with appropriate infrastructure and services.

The Forum has been established to enable the Community to engage thoroughly with the planning process to ensure a development of the highest quality on Hengrove Park, and in other parts of the ward, that meet the current demand for housing and serve the vision and needs of the local community.

Our aim is to seek the improvement of the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the neighbourhood known as Hengrove and Whitchurch Park Ward.  Our aim is to develope a plan that gives the wider community better access to basic services and infrastructure and builds the foundations for a better place to live, work and play.

This will be achieved through engagement with the Hengrove Park Phase1 and Phase 2 development plans and orders and developments in other locations within the Ward.  The Forum will seek to identify, designate, promote and endeavour to bring about the development or redevelopment of sites within the area for among other things, housing, employment, recreation, green spaces, local services, and transport and the provision of social, recreation, retail, employment, business, transport and environmental services to improve the wellbeing of residents and businesses within the area.

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